P.S. Crystal Symphony Gala Buffet

For those of you who are not intrepid sailors, you may have gotten the idea that cruising around the world by ship is a never-ending feast where the food never stops. When we took our first cruise – when I was about 14 years old – passengers would stay up late so as to take advantage of the midnight buffet, which would start about 3 hours after you got up from the dinner table.

Too much? Ya think?!!?

On Crystal Cruises, there is no midnight buffet, although you may see waiters roving the common areas with trays of small snacks: pizza, mini-sandwiches, fruit skewers, whatever happens to be passed around that evening. It’s nice and all that, but most passengers have had enough by that time and prefer to concentrate on – if anything – their nightcaps.

No judgments, please!!

However, Crystal is also famed for its Gala Buffets, which are presented on just about every voyage. These are lunchtime events and are set up in the Crystal Cove on Deck 5. If you care about such things, there’s a photo call for passengers who may want to Instagram the glories of the buffet. It’s a bit of a big deal, you see.

So, as a postscript to our recent Crystal Symphony cruise to Antarctica, I thought you might enjoy seeing some my photos taken at the buffet. If you catch some of the food still wrapped in Saran, then you know I was there for the passenger photo op before the masses arrived.


Salads Asparagus

Smoked Salmon


Penguin Eggs

Sushi Station

Big Lobster

Chicken Carved

Salmon Wellington

Fruits SmoothiesPasta Station

Dessert - 01

Dessert - 02

Gala Buffet - People
The buffet in full swing

The chefs take a well-deserved bow

Waiter Lineup
When you’ve filled your plate, waiters are lined up outside the Crystal Dining Room waiting to carry it (and you) to your table.

There you have it – the Gala Buffet. I do believe that I’ve gained about 5 pounds by posting this blog entry.


5 thoughts on “P.S. Crystal Symphony Gala Buffet

  1. The Grand Buffet is a great feature on Crystal. You have taken some amazing photos to showcase the food. The chefs and kitchen staff work so hard to present the food so beautifully. I think everyone delights in just walking around admiring the displays. They must work through the night to create such delicious culinary masterpieces.

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