Taking Flight

Good morning, everyone, and greetings from the Galleries Lounge at British Airways/JFK. We’re all ready to board our flight in about 20 minutes, so here’s a quick check-in before we go. No wireless on the plane – what? – so we’ll be incommunicado until we’ve crossed the pond.

Went to bed last night at 10:00 (thank you, Ambien), but we both woke up around 3:00 – don’t know why. Tossed and turned ’til 5:00 then got up and finished the packing.

Too much luggage?

Then it was into the car (thank you, GroundLink), and off to JFK. Check in was a breeze, and then off to security.

Dropping off the baggage (no, not AAC CPA)

And then, it happened. Somewhere in security, I lost my iPhone. Well, for a minute or 2, anyway. It was an anxious moment, and not just for me. Cut off my hand, but don’t take away my iPhone.

Now we’re hanging in the Galleries Lounge ’til it’s time to board. AAC, of course, had to check out the food and grab a bite, whilst I post.

And here he is looking dapper:

The dapper AAC CPA

That’s all, folks! In just a few hours, it’ll be wheels down in LondonI