Another Day in Antarctica

I am here to tell you that it never gets boring. If you even think you might become a bit ho-hum about sailing around Antarctica, just wait 5 minutes and see another marvel.

This morning, we woke up to find ourselves near Deception Island. If penguins are your thing, this is the place. There are literally hundreds of thousands of them running all over, scrambling down to the shore (a/k/a “Penguin Highway”) to find food, then back up into the hills. It’s fascinating.

We’re now en route to Elephant Island, which will be our last stop here before, once again, sailing through the dreaded Drake Passage on our way to our next port, the Falkland Islands.

Here are more images from the past 24 hours:

And oh, did I mention that we had visitors yesterday from Palmer Station, who came aboard to tell about what they do here?

Palmer Station Crew.jpg
Here they are, arriving on the port side

BTW, they played to a packed house and they were extremely interesting as well as entertaining.

Look at this amazing photo of seals and penguins! (photo courtesy of Nancy Shafran)

Can you believe these penguins? (photo courtesy of Nancy Shafran)

Iceberg Under Water
Another iceberg – note that you can see it underwater as well

AAC - Iceberg Evening
AAC CPA on deck at cocktail time – it’s now about 8:00 PM

Evening Front of Ship
Same time, from the bow of the ship

Evening Back of Ship
And from the stern

Evening on Promenade
And along the deserted Promenade Deck

Iceberg Sunset
Is that a fabulous sight or what? Still 8:00 PM yesterday evening

AAC Evening Cocktail
And, immediately after, cocktails in the Palm Court

Sunset - 1130 PM
Sunset in Antarctica – at 11:45 PM

Deception Island.jpg
Earlier this morning – Deception Island from a distance

Deception Island - 01
Another view of Deception Island, closer up

Those spots are penguins – wish I had a telescopic lens for my iPhone!

The last photo today is for our sailing buddy, Jim Brochu, who has entertained aboard the Crystal ships many times. Every day at sea, one of the activities is “Team Trivia”. The following question gave a sly wink to Jim, as #4 is a show that Jim wrote and performed for a season in New York and later performed on Symphony back in 2012. (7% of the respondents voted for “Zero Hour”!!) 


That’s all for now, folks! 



11 thoughts on “Another Day in Antarctica

    1. So apparently our arrival at Elephant Island is delayed. Who could tell, because we’re totally fogged in, which is why we’re traveling at a snail’s pace. We’re missing you especially right now, because our cocktail party starts in about 20 minutes and we wish you were here to join us. xoxox


      1. I am imagining that we are there. You both look very debonair in my imagination. Enjoy. Make sure nobody attends who is supposed to be going to the Captains Cocktail party !!!
        Just booked the flight to Lisbon for October.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. The photos continue to delight. I am pleased that you are ensuring ACC CPA is in the warm with an adult beverage in his hands. I would hate for him to go into shock from withdrawals. I hope the trip home on the Drake Passage is as uneventful as the crossing down to the Antarctic Peninsula. Soon we will have our own snow and icebergs here in NYC. A major storm is brewing and heading our way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, we’re now told that the weather forecast has changed and our travels through the Drake Passage should be pretty uneventful – we don’t have to protect the booze anymore!!! Sea day tomorrow and then the Falklands on Friday. xox


    1. Today wasn’t quite as extraordinary as yesterday, but we still enjoyed the sights. Leaving Antarctica now and heading toward the Falkland Islands through the notorious Drake Passage. Apparently, we have good weather, so there won’t be as much as rock ‘n roll as when we came through a few days ago.

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  2. I just happened to find your blog on a whim. My son is currently at Palmer Station “playing” with insects. I enjoyed reading about your Antartic adventure. Great photos. Safe travels. Have fun!


    1. Hey – thanks so much for finding my blog and for the very kind comments – much appreciated. As I mentioned in my post, a team from Palmer Station came aboard for a couple of hours and met with the passengers. They were great and very informational, as well as very entertaining. Just out of curiosity, you mentioned finding my blog “on a whim”. If you don’t mind my asking, exactly how did you find it? I started TheCulturedTraveler almost 4 months ago and I’ve been so amazed to see how far and wide our readers have been, literally from over 60 countries at this point. However you came upon it, I’m glad that you did. Thanks again.


    1. Linda – thanks so much! We just got home from Buenos Aires after flying all night – it’s a bit of culture shock to be back in cold NYC, but that’s what happens. Thanks again for your generous word and I hope you continue to enjoy TheCulturedTraveler.


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